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Benefit from technology leasing

For several reasons, the leasing of interactive technology can be an excellent idea.

In summary, it means you’re benefitting from the latest technology, whilst avoiding a potentially large upfront capital spend. In fact, in many cases there will be a lower total spend over your lease term compared to an upfront purchase.

Procurement of a single interactive touchscreen

Spreading the cost of what is a significant spend can work very well for some organisations; as consumers, we are used to doing this with cars, mobile phones, and more. A technology leasing agreement gives you access to the benefits of high specification products which may otherwise be out of your price range, and then means that, at the end of the lease term, you can upgrade to the latest technology without any additional cost.

Procurement of Multiple Units – ideal for the education sector and larger business organisations

Technology leasing becomes even more beneficial when procuring multiple units; a school wanting to upgrade six classrooms may purchase two new interactive displays per year, for 3 years. For a similar annual cost to purchasing two touchscreens though, the school can lease 6 of the same units.

See this visual below which explains things a little more clearly; each tick represents a single piece of technology.


In addition to the financial benefits, it is fairer and more efficient. Training becomes more simple, maintenance of a single model throughout the organisation is streamlined, all teachers and learners benefit from the investment, and a school is just adding a line to its operating costs.

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