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Clevertouch for EYFS – Bright Beginnings Nursery

In the knowledge their children were using interactive technology on a daily basis at home, Bright Beginnings decided to integrate interactive and game-based learning into their daily activities at nursery

How is it being used?

  • The seamless integration of interactive game-based learning into the curriculum
  • Development of kinaesthetic learning and fine motor skills
  • Curriculum-based apps from the inclusive CleverStore platform
  • Familiarising children with technology, ensuring confidence as they develop in the wider world
  • Collaboration and team-building, working together to build activities and play interactive games
  • Free flow, watching CBeebies and similar content for leisure and social time

The Project

Bright Beginnings Nursery discovered the benefits of interactive touchscreens through talking to other nurseries in the area, and contacted a leading supplier into education, YPO, to learn more. As approved Framework suppliers to YPO, our parent organisation Elementary Technology were delighted to advise.

The most vital stage was a demonstration, provided by Elementary Technology free of charge and without obligation. Discovering how it could add an exciting dimension to learning and social activities within the nursery, they quickly decided to proceed with a Clevertouch Plus interactive touchscreen, particularly because of the integrated Cleverstore – a superb plug-and-play learning resource built for education.

The Clevertouch Plus interactive flat panel was installed by Elementary Technology’s Senior Engineer as pictured, and on the same day, the staff at the nursery were provided with detailed training from our Clevertouch-accredited trainer.

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