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Engaging EAL pupils with the latest SMARTBoards – Pinders Primary School

This majority EAL primary school struggled with ageing technology and barriers to learning and quickly realised that teachers were unable to deliver their lessons effectively.

The school contacted Elementary Technology who worked with the school to establish a plan to upgrade its interactive technology.

It was clear that the school needed to upgrade their SMART Boards throughout all classrooms, in order to provide both teachers and pupils with equal access to technology and the outcomes it brings.

Elementary Technology supported the school throughout the process, from initial consultation, installation, training and support for the lifetime of the technology. The result is a cutting-edge SMART 6000 Series interactive touchscreen in each classroom, and with the support of SMART Learning Suite software and our detailed, inclusive training, pupil engagement was transformed.

Watch the video to see how SMART Boards supported by Elementary Technology worked for Pinders Primary School.

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