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Classroom Display Upgrade – England Lane Primary Academy, Wakefield

After an Academy conversion, the senior team at England Lane decided to upgrade their classroom display equipment, including a Mimio interactive touchscreen and a visualiser in each classroom.

Having recently converted to an Academy, the school were keen to upgrade a lot of their IT and interactive technology infrastructure, and this included their interactive whiteboards.

The school were provided with a detailed Classroom Healthcheck by our parent company, Elementary Technology, and the report provided the school with an exceptional insight into how the performance of their technology was affecting teaching and learning.

It became clear this was being affected by poor performance in much of their school, and they decided to upgrade the majority of their classrooms to the latest Mimio 65″ interactive touchscreens. They also incorporated a classroom visualiser to go alongside each touchscreen, further enhancing its functionality and providing the teacher with an additional powerful teaching tool.

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The Executive Headteacher at the Academy, part of the Schools Partnership Trust, described their journey from meeting us at one of our exhibitions to the ongoing training and support they’re receiving.

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