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Promethean Activpanel Upgrade – Cavendish Primary School, Manchester

After a period of consultation, this primary school decided to upgrade all of their ageing Promethean ActivBoard interactive whiteboards to the latest Promethean ActivPanel touchscreens.

With a focus on creating more collaborative learning experiences and providing pupils with robust instructional delivery in education environments, our parent company Elementary Technology supported Cavendish to upgrade all ten of their classrooms from Promethean ActivBoards, to the latest Promethean ActivPanel  interactive touchscreens.

The School Business Manager commented: “The move from interactive whiteboards to touchscreens was extremely easy for us. The software is supplied as standard with both systems, which means our teachers could still use all of the same lessons they had created previously – with the additional benefit of using the latest interactive surface for engaging students.”

Offering a stunning, high-definition screen combined with award-winning software, these new interactive touchscreens provide the teachers at Cavendish with a powerful teaching tool to deliver interactive, multimedia lessons, which increases student engagement.

“Teaching staff have praised the complete solution … They are easy to use by both staff and students, and students are excited to learn,” explained Nicola.

Available in Full HD 55”, 65”, 70” and 4K 84” ultra-high-definition displays, the interactive touchscreens being used in the classroom facilitate collaborative learning opportunities and interactive teaching for all classroom sizes.

According to Nicola, this is a real benefit: “Feedback from teachers so far is that they make content crystal clear on the screen. HD picture quality has made a massive difference to the experience and makes it easier for pupils to see and interact with more detailed content. The quality of the presentation is very important, and teachers have found it directly relates to students’ motivation and engagement levels.”

Supporting a full-range of learning experiences, including whole class, individual, duo, small-team and multi-team classwork, the classroom touchscreen allows the whole class to simultaneously share ideas, practise team-based problem solving and manipulate images.

Nicola continued: “Elementary Technology has been excellent at guiding us through the selection of the right collaborative solutions for our teaching environments. As promised, all the panels were delivered, installed and working in the time-frame agreed, there were no glitches and a very professional service was received, as ever.”

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