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SMART Board E70s and more – Castle Hill High School, Stockport

With the prospect of doubling in size, the school upgraded their existing interactive whiteboards and procured additional units, up to a total of 40 Smart Board E70s. These are used alongside the latest audio systems, and more.

Castle Hill High School worked in partnership with our parent company, Elementary Technology to both upgrade their current systems and add a range of further technologies across the site.

The key technology used in any classroom is the interactive display, and Castle Hill High School decided to upgrade to a Smart Board E70 interactive touchscreen in each classroom. The staff were fully trained by Smart accredited consultants, and continue to receive training and support.

As a Special School, a higher proportion of pupils than average have hearing difficulties, and it’s for this reason that an advanced Soundfield audio system was implemented into each classroom. It provided an even sound throughout, providing all pupils, whether near or far away from the teacher, with equal access to teaching.

With these Smart Board E70 interactive classroom touchscreens, as well as a new digital signage screen, sign-in and safeguarding system and more, the school has transformed its teaching and learning.

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