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How SMART Boards improve learning outcomes

We, as the trusted partner of the GLF Schools multi-academy trust, worked closely to implement 56 x SMART Board touchscreens into this new build academy.

Elementary Technology played a vital role in the new build project from day one; supported by agreed Multi-Academy Trust pricing, we sat down with the project stakeholders to discuss the options and decide which brand, size and software would be the best for their school. It was decided that SMART touchscreens were the best option for this school.

In the video you can see how the teachers at Aureus Secondary School immediately benefit from the latest SMART Board® interactive touchscreens, including assessment, learning outcomes and engagement with their pupils in the classroom.

The IT Director of the Trust, Luke Nicolaou, commented:

“My team see Elementary Technology as an extension to our own internal team, providing support to not only the schools, but to my engineers”

Read more about the Aureus School success story.

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