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Why a classroom touchscreen is now vital


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A classroom display is the focal point of teaching and learning in any school, with most classrooms in most schools using an interactive whiteboard with a projector. Whether an interactive whiteboard or a touchscreen though, it’s a vital piece of technology in any classroom.

So, why is an interactive display in a classroom so important? It’s important because it’s the vehicle a teacher uses to present learning activities; whether teaching split phonemes or number bonds, without being able to demonstrate their use, it becomes far more difficult to teach them effectively.

It’s for this reason that schools must ensure their interactive displays are performing as they should, and are fit for purpose. An interactive touchscreen, available with up to a 98” screen, needs to be sufficiently bright, include the latest in connectivity, a set of powerful, cross-compatible teaching software and a comprehensive set of teaching resources and tools.

A few key benefits of upgrading to an interactive touchscreen…

  • A brighter, clearer picture
  • No shadows or lighting issues
  • Extended lifetime, with much lower energy costs
  • Outstanding, even in bright conditions
  • Silent, as opposed to the noisy fans in a projectors
  • Maintenance-free, with no calibration, no bulb changes…

Teachers also need to engage their pupils with powerful classroom connectivity solutions – whether using Android tablets, iPads or Windows mobile devices, collaborative learning is an essential element of teaching in any classroom., in partnership with Elementary Technology, are the best equipped in the UK to support schools which such equipment. With virtually all classroom touchscreens available online, you can also contact us to Request a Demo.

You can also click here download our free, interactive Guide to Touchscreens for Education.

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