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The Clevertouch LUX – a better experience with every touch.


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The Clevertouch LUX interface gives you a better experience than ever before. Quicker. Simpler. Smoother.

With just one-touch you can do anything you need to, from opening an app to connecting your laptop, it has never been easier to keep moving and keep the room engaged.

This Clevertouch screen has all the features that you use daily, accessible from the home screen. Teachers, students and business leaders alike can use this touchscreen and can open up documents, apps and experiences more easily than ever.

Interacting with a large touchscreen is now as familiar and seamless as the device in your pocket.

Everyone uses a smartphone or a tablet. The Clevertouch LUX is as simple to use, giving a feeling of familiarity in the screen. You can install an app on your phone in seconds, and you can now do the same on an interactive touchscreen, without needing the scour the internet for hints and tips.

It’s even simple to switch inputs, just swipe up and with one-touch and your second input will load. No need to mess around with wires, no need to configure and no need to adjust settings. Swipe up, touch, load. It’s as simple as that.

A better experience with every touch 

The LUX values your time and every interaction is a fantastic experience which will enhance the presentation of your materials. This touchscreen has built a fantastic step forward for touch interfaces on a larger scale.

You can try the Clevertouch interactive touchscreen in our Customer Experience Centre, or we can arrange a demonstration at your venue. Just give us a call on 0843 886 4648 or complete our contact form.

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