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Display Size and Why it matters


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Studies were carried out by Radius Global Market Research, they were looking into the readability of content displayed on a 70-inch screen being tested in average-sized classrooms in the UK and Singapore. According to the surveys, more than 50% of students in each country found the content difficult to read, and more than half of the students writing down at least one item incorrectly from the 70-inch screen.

The research findings are supportive of the 4/6/8 rule for display size recommendations (This “rule” establishes that ideal viewing distance, in correlation with room size, should be four, six or eight times the height of the screen for analytical viewing, basic viewing and passive viewing).

A specialist from Epson’s Visual Products Operations Division, Yasunori Ogawa, said that “When it comes to choosing the best display for your classroom, it is important that it’s large enough so every student in the room can clearly read what’s on it, this is absolutely critical to each student’s success. Designed with educator input, the new EB-710Ui and other Epson advanced interactive display and projector technologies make bright, collaborative learning environments a reality.”

It is important that we do something to ensure all students take in all content in its entirety because even missing one word or writing one thing down incorrectly can change the perception of the subject, it can change the meaning of a sentence, therefore impacting their recall of the situation entirely, this can lead to worse memory of the subject which can impact their grades.

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