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The InFocus Mondopad: effective collaboration


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With a 70” display with multi-touch points and antiglare technology, this interactive touchscreen will change how you present to your colleagues. This easy-to-use machine will deliver innovative performances. Not only does it have fantastic presentation capabilities on its large screen, but it is also an interactive touchscreen to use if you need to video conference. Use this high-resolution screen to meet with participants in the room and around the world, anything you need to present and share is there at your fingertips, and even better, it is all in one single, sleek design.

It comes with BigNote software so it doubles up as a whiteboard as well, you can stop and annotate over anything on the screen to show a specific thing on your presentation, or it can be used to draw on a blank canvas. You can also use all of your favourite Microsoft Office programmes, which you can also annotate over, whether you want a brand new document or you want to load an existing document, the Mondopad can do it all.

It can be used in any environment due to its full HD 1080p display with vibrant colours which can be viewed with ease in even the brightest of rooms. Due to its anti-glare screen, there is no need to turn down the lights or close the curtains. With built-in Windows 7 technology, you can ensure a slick and effective presentation. This sleek interactive touchscreen will bring teams together and let you collaborate in different ways than before. The camera itself boasts a 1280 x 720p resolution with 30fps at HD which works both ways. It has a 70-degree wide scope of vision and a 56-degree vertical view, ensuring to show the entire picture. The camera can be manually tilted up or down and horizontally 40 degrees both directions with autofocus technology, powered by a USB so the image won’t drop at the most crucial of times. It also has 3 built-in unidirectional microphones so you can be heard clearly from anywhere in the room.

This interactive touchscreen will bring innovative collaboration between you and anyone anywhere in the world, this is a good choice if you have collaboration in mind. It is mobile friendly you can quickly connect via Wi-Fi giving a different choice than just using the screen. This is a very different option for interactive touchscreens in a sleek design. A well-designed model.

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