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Introducing SMART Notebook 19


Software updates

SMART Notebook 19 is the latest update from SMART on their SMART Learning Suite software.

What’s New in SMART Notebook 19

The new File Import feature in SMART Notebook 19 allows users to more easily import files into SMART Notebook from the Notebook file menu. It also provides the option to import files as static images or convert to dynamic interactive content with individual shapes, images, and editable text.

This feature supports the import of:

  • PDF Files (Windows and Mac)
  • PowerPoint files (Windows only)

Custom activity themes for Super Sort in SMART Notebook 19 allows the teacher to create activities with unique images and provides new activity layout options. This is ideal for matching your game-based learning to the theme of a lesson, as well as increasing activity variety and providing more theme options for older grade levels

Improvements when centrally deploying SMART Notebook on Mac OS 10.14 Mojave

Plus Slovenian language support

These changes are all made to improve the experience and streamline it for a faster flowing and more engaging lesson.

All of this on top of the fantastic features already offered in SMART Notebook leads to an incredibly engaging lesson for your class – high engagement, high involvement which leads to fantastic levels of collaboration.

If you have any further questions on SMART Notebook please call us on 0843 886 4648 or alternatively fill out our contact form here, we’d be happy to help.

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