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Announcing the new SMART 7000 Series


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The SMART Board 7000 series is the digital heart of the interactive classroom. Students stay focused. Teachers save precious time. 

It is incredibly engaging with students and you can collaborate fantastically by taking advantage of the 16 touchpoints. A group of students can work together on projects and makes peer assessment easier than ever, this will speed up the lesson time meaning more content can be fit in. With brand new capabilities and features, the SMART 7000 series is shaping up to be a very powerful and impressive screen.

This SMART Board won an award for the best-integrated system from rAVe. This means that you can be happy in knowing you are using a screen which is rated highly by a trusted AV award organiser, this award proves that your class has the integrated software which is in SMART’s touchscreens, so you will be getting the absolute best of SMART’s technology at your fingertips.

The SMART 7000 series has an incredible 4K Ultra High Definition screen guaranteeing vivid imagery for your lessons. This means that students even at the back of the class will be able to see just as well as those at the front, without having to close the blinds like you would with old projectors. It comes with four pens and an eraser to use on the lag-free screen, meaning the teacher can write as they would do on a regular dry whiteboard, groups of students can work at the same time and as there are different coloured pens, you will know who wrote which answer, and so you can see who may need more help than others.

This screen is incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is walk into the room and the screen will boot up on its own. This means that there is no delay in starting the lesson and therefore students will be engaged from the moment they walk in the room and this will also maximise teaching time.

Chris Connolly, who has been directly trained by SMART to show the 7000 series, comments “we’re delighted to bring the 7000 series into our already comprehensive range of touchscreens. I am really looking forward to showcasing the range to schools who are interested in transforming their teaching and learning experience. I particularly like the new gamification tools the SMART 7000 series offers to teachers for an exciting new way of teaching in their own unique way”.

The Touchscreen Shop offers the SMART Board 7275 and 7286.

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