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AllSee Technologies 4K Slim Bezel Touchscreen 65″

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Product Option: 65"

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Key Features

  • Up to 20 touch points
  • Built-in Android PC
  • Integrated Speakers
  • Infrared Touch Technology
  • Anti-Glare Glass

Ideal For

  • Education
  • Public Sector
  • Corporate


4K UHD Display

The AllSee Technologies 4K Slim Bezel Touchscreen 65″ has a 4K (Ultra High Definition) Resolution which ensures that the content delivered to your audience is crystal clear, it is four times the resolution that is offered by a standard Full HD display. It is optimised to ensure that your audience members, both near and far from the display, can see the content and ensures that your content is the center of attention.

Introducing MEETINGPAD: The Ultimate Collaboration Tool

Multi-Device Wireless Mirroring

The AllSee Technologies 4K Slim Bezel Touchscreen 65″ allows you to use up to four mobile devices wirelessly, from your smartphone to a tablet, laptop or PC you can display content from touchscreen to device or vice versa, you can even take control of the touchscreen from the mobile device. The mirroring is taking place at 5GHz and therefore allows for a quick response time, without having to use external wires to connect.

Easy File Sharing

Once your mobile device has been connected to the AllSee Technologies 4K Slim Bezel Touchscreen 65″, you can simply share any documents, videos, images, and audio files which are stored on your device straight onto the touchscreen. You can also do this the other way around and share to your device, this can be achieved by sending an email or alternatively, scanning a QR code with your mobile or tablet.

Flexible Working Tools

The AllSee Technologies 4K Slim Bezel Touchscreen 65″ allows you to customise your experience, if you have any colourblind participants in the room, you can change your background colour or pen colour to make it easier to see, or alternatively, you can change the thickness of your drawing tools, to make it thicker or more fine, it all depends on what works best for you.

Smooth Annotations 

The AllSee Technologies 4K Slim Bezel Touchscreen 65″ ensures that you experience a realistic and natural handwriting experience. The line thickness changes depending on the pressure and speed of your writing. The more pressure you put onto the screen when writing the thicker the line will be.

Smart Pen Stylus

Thanks to the two included ‘smart pens’ you can control your AllSee Technologies 4K Slim Bezel Touchscreen 65″ wirelessly from anywhere in the room. Change the colour of the pen for different annotation purposes, save annotated documents, navigate through your PowerPoint presentation or website and go back to the home screen of ‘MeetingPad’. All of this can be achieved by a simple click of the button.

Up to 20 Touch Points

The AllSee Technologies 4K Slim Bezel Touchscreen 65″ is fantastic for accommodating for large group collaboration – up to 20 users can interact with the screen at the same time for notes, sharing ideas and even more complicated group projects. Collaboration made easy.

Slim Bezel

The AllSee Technologies 4K Slim Bezel Touchscreen 65″ features an extremely sleek and narrow bezel, this means that you get the most out of your display area as the majority of the screens diagonal size is part of the touchscreen itself. The rear of the casing is made of a polymer which removes a lot of the unnecessary additional weight, keeping the display lightweight and slim.

Etched Glass

Thanks to the etched glass screen, you experience smoother touch gestures, which is especially useful when multiple people are using the screen at once. In addition, the anti-glare nano-coating helps to diffuse external light which helps your audience when it comes to viewing the content – it makes it easier to see even when there is sun on the screen.

Integrated Speakers

The screen has two integrated super slim 10W speakers for when your presentations include an audio element, allowing for your audience to hear the content, in small to medium-sized rooms.

If you would like more information or a demonstration, you can talk to one of our EdTech specialists by calling 0843 886 4648, or alternatively, you can fill out our contact form here.

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