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Clevertouch Plus Series | IR Touch


£2,946.00 (inc. VAT)

Product Option: 65" (4K)

Key Features

  • Ultra HD (4K) Resolution
  • Built-in Android PC
  • Infrared touch technology
  • Up to 10 touch points
  • Includes the pioneering Cleverstore

Ideal For

  • Education
  • Public Sector
  • Corporate

Product description

Clevertouch has none of the disadvantages of the regular projector: no obscuring shadows and no issues with screen brightness, whether it’s bright or dark.

Clevertouch Plus Series has a 4K UHD screen resolution which give you bright, clear, engaging visuals.

Specifically built for demanding school, college and university environments, the Clevertouch Plus is built without compromise.

An all metal frame, 4mm safety glass, and a 5 year de-install/re-install warranty guarantees your Clevertouch will be enhancing your classroom and engaging your students for many years.

the software

Cleverstore – The Cleverstore is the first of its kind, and only available on the Clevertouch Plus. It is a free, dedicated educational App store where all apps (even those from familiar developers with big-name licenses) have had all advertising and in-app purchases removed, allowing educators to use them in the classroom with confidence. If you have seen an educational game in which you think would be perfect for the classroom but is filled with advertisements, you can search it on the Cleverstore and it is likely to be there, if it isn’t you can request it to Clevertouch themselves.

Display Note – allows teachers and presenters to share lessons and presentations directly with their class. Presenters can choose to teach from their front-of-class interactive touchscreen or walk around the room using the free app that controls content.

Lynx – this annotation and lesson planning software enables students to interact with content and collaborate in the classroom. It also means teachers can manipulate, annotate and share them with the class, whilst providing a bank of lesson resource content.

Snowflake – this touchscreen software makes education more fun, engaging and memorable, resulting in exciting interactive classroom experiences that increase the performance of pupils and teachers.

Clevermaths – Make maths lessons come to life with the interactive maths tools. Record scientific experiments and save your results into folders to easily compare the outcomes of follow up experiments. Pour liquids between beakers, measure lines and shapes, and create graphs.

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