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Clevertouch 86″ UX Pro Series High Precision


£7,314.00 (inc. VAT)

Product Option: 86"

Key Features

  • 4K Ultra HD Resolution
  • High Precision Touch
  • Powerful speakers
  • Motion detection
  • Built-in microphone

Ideal For

  • Education
  • Public Sector
  • Corporate

Product Description

4K Resolution

Experience True 4K Ultra High Definition Resolution with the Clevertouch UX Pro Series 86″ and bring sharper imagery to your classroom, you’ll be able to see fantastic levels of detail. Thanks to the backlit LED screen, you no longer have to worry about a dimly lit projector causing students to struggle to see any of the content on screen.

High Precision Technology

With the Clevertouch UX Pro Series 86″ you take advantage of the Clevertouch Super Glide Touch Technology which offers you an incredibly fluid writing experience. It will feel as familiar as writing on a presentation board, without any lag. It is powerful in being able to differentiate between finger for touch and note-taking, the stylus for notes and annotation, whereas using your palm erases the content. You can do all of this without having to change

Room Filling Sound

The Clevertouch UX Pro Series 86″ comes with powerful built-in 45W max power speakers to ensure that all of your pupils, even those at the back of the room will be able to hear the audio content being played within lessons.

Motion Detection

The Clevertouch UX Pro Series 86″ is equipped with Proximity Sensors meaning that it can detect when someone enters the room and will automatically boot up, and will turn off when it detects no one is in the room. This ensures that the screen is environmentally friendly.

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