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iBoard DigiClass Software

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Key Features

  • Complete control
  • Two way collaboration
  • Showcasing and ideas
  • Send files easily

Ideal For

  • Education
  • Public Sector
  • Corporate

Software Description

Complete Control
Connect up to 40 iPads, Android tablets or Windows devices wirelessly to the front of class touchscreen. Maintain complete control and manage the session easily.

Two-way collaboration
Select a student and you can both collaborate with the content on the screen in turn without having to hand control back each time.

Showcasing and Ideas
Students can show their work to the class by projecting it to the front of class screen (at the teacher’s discretion). Annotate onto the projected work creating a truly collaborative environment that fosters the sharing of ideas and learning together.

Send Files
Teachers can send files to individuals or all students which are saved locally making them easy to refer to. Students can also submit work to the teacher during a DigiClass session which the teacher can immediately refer to during the session or look at after the session. Perfect for setting work or homework submissions.

Each V Series touchscreen is provided with 1 teacher and 5 student DigiClass licences. Adding a ProPack to the V Series gives you an additional 5 student DigiClass licences and the classroom voting plugin DigiVote. Additional licences can be purchased separately.

DigiClass is also a standalone product!

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