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iBoard Video Conferencing and Collaboration

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Key Features

  • Decide when to hold your session
  • Set permissions for everyone
  • Joining is easy

Ideal For

  • Education
  • Public Sector
  • Corporate

Software Description

Video conferencing and collaboration made easy!

Decide when to hold your session
VCC will email your participants details of the session and a link

Set permissions for each participant
Decide if they can listen, watch, talk and actively collaborate on screen

Joining is easy
Participants just click the link to join as arranged

No need for a separate conferencing system or phone calls. Listen, talk, see and collaborate with each other all through Video Conference and Collaboration! The easy interface shows the host in the top left-hand side of the VCC bar, and the participants directly below (with scrolling bar).

A powerful screen-share feature where the host can come away from the main session to work outside the VCC software and allow participants to see what they are doing on their screen. Screen-share means you are not limited to working within the software by navigating anywhere on your device and sharing content with participants.

A simple yet powerful interactive board is also integrated with a colour pallet, pens, drawing tools, A simple yet powerful interactive board is also integrated with a colour pallet, pens, drawing tools, shapes for meetings, presentation and teaching allowing users to share their ideas and concepts.

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