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Newline NAOS TT-8619IP Touchscreen


£3,900.00 (inc. VAT)

Product Option: 86"

Key Features

  • Capacitive touch technology
  • Optically bonded screen
  • Gesture recognition
  • Device compatible
  • Linux-based OS

Ideal For

  • Education
  • Public Sector
  • Corporate

Product Description

Capacitive Touch

The Newline NAOS TT-8619IP Touchscreen has the latest Capacitive Touch Technology ensuring that using this touchscreen is as familiar as interacting with a smartphone – pinch, zoom, write, annotate and more with ease.

Intelligent Touch

Object Recognition ensures the Newline NAOS TT-8619IP Touchscreen can differentiate between a finger, a stylus and palm all to react as a marker, pen or eraser respectively, all without having to switch tools. Making for a simple, yet effective annotation and whiteboarding tool.

Optical Bonded Screen

The IP Series delivers the best visual experience possible with increased clarity and parallax reduction, you know that your audience will be able to see the content from anywhere in the room, thanks to the 178-degree viewing angle. No one in the meeting or lesson misses out on valuable information, everyone can see clearly.

Device Compatible

Regardless of the device you or the school uses, connecting the Newline IP Series is effortless, from Android to Windows, Apple and more, you can easily connect your device to this screen. This means less messing around at the beginning of a meeting or lesson, you simply connect and go.


Keep your network and data secure on a display that keeps your confidential information under lock and key. The OS is powered by Linux so the IP Series lets you keep root access to your network out of reach whilst remaining easy for anyone to walk up and use. Have more control over both your panel and your data.

OPS Capable

All IP Series interactive touch panels come with an easily accessible OPS port. Add a powerful onboard computer to bring the power of a desktop computer directly onto your display.

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