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Samsung Flip Touchscreen with Stand


£3,118.80 (inc. VAT)

Product Option: 55"

Key Features

  • Flip between portrait and landscape
  • 4K (UHD) Resolution
  • InGlass touch technology
  • Up to 4 touch points
  • Connects easily to other devices

Ideal For

  • Education
  • Public Sector
  • Corporate

Product Description

With a 4K (Ultra HD) screen, the screen will provide vivid colours in excellent image quality. This allows the whole meeting to easily see the board and be engaged with whatever is currently on the screen, allowing for more contribution.

With up to 4 touchpoints, you and three others can write all over the writing space at the same time and be able to create an engaging visual presentation which will bring together all of your ideas in true collaboration.

InGlass technology gives you the latest touch technology the industry has to offer. To find out more about the differences between InGlass, Infrared and Capacitive touch, click here.

The stand allows you to tilt the screen whilst in portrait mode for a more convenient viewing angle and with the tray and pen holder, you can easily access all of your tools to easily work with the touchscreen.

Start your meeting immediately. The screen automatically turns on when a user removes the pen from the holder, allowing you to focus on the meeting instead of having to wait for the screen to slowly boot up.

Confidential information stays confidential. With the ability to set a pin code onto the display, when you have finished using the screen, you can lock it and remove critical content from view after usage.

Quickly and simply share meeting recaps. Instead of writing down notes, you can effortlessly save and share notes to your colleagues’ digital devices directly from the display’s central storage.

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