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SMART Board MX286-V2-PW Interactive Display

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Product Option: 86"

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Key Features

  • HyPr Touch Technology
  • iQ Android Experience
  • Simultaneous Tool Differentiation
  • Up to 20 touch points

Ideal For

  • Education
  • Public Sector
  • Corporate

Product Description

The SMART Board MX286-V2-PW Interactive Display has HyPr Touch Technology which brings a more accurate and more responsive touch which allows for your inking experience to be better than ever – notes during the meeting will be incredibly smooth and fluid, bringing together a brand new level of collaboration.

The SMART Board MX286-V2-PW Interactive Display gives the iQ Android experience without you having to have an AM40 or AM50 appliance. Enjoy a reduced ink latency for even faster writing which allows you to write at a speed which feels natural to you. You also get to enjoy the upgraded Android 8 Operating System and thanks to continued Over-the-Air updates ensure that you have the most up-to-date iQ features and capabilities so you get the most out of your touchscreen.

Enjoy simultaneous tool differentiation it frees up multiple users to perform separate tasks at the same time, without interrupting the other users. The SMART Board MX286-V2-PW Interactive Display supports 1 pen, palm erase and touch/move at the same time, so collaborative capabilities are brought into your meetings. Ink, select and erase together to fluidly work the meeting to gain your best results.

The SMART Board MX286-V2-PW Interactive Display gives you fantastic Object Awareness which intuitively distinguishes between your different actions, it detects writing with the pens or your finger, selecting, resizing, and dragging content can be done with your fingers and your annotations can be erased quickly by “wiping it away” with your palm. This is all able to be done, without having to switch tools, and you can take advantage of up to 20 simultaneous touch points on both Windows and Mac allowing for full collaboration to your meetings, so more ideas are able to be shared at once.

The Live Input Preview lets you see a preview of any connected video input to take the guesswork out of input switching, letting you get on with the meeting and not have to worry about switching to the correct input first time.

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