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What Promethean’s Vellum Writing technology means to you?


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Promethean introduces Vellum Writing Technology.

But what actually is it?

Promethean’s Vellum Writing Technology goes beyond the standard touch technologies to ensure they deliver an end-to-end experience.

Vellum is different from other versions of touch technologies because it will continue to evolve and improve over time through updates – every component of Vellum is optimised to deliver an authentic and collaborative writing experience for teachers and students alike.

Vellum offers a writing experience without limitations. Promethean understands that the writing experience in the classroom is incredibly important, so they have been working on a higher performance writing technology. With the Promethean Elements series (Titanium, Nickel and Cobalt), they combined teacher feedback with innovative new technology to create a custom solution.

Each component was carefully curated to create the optimal system, and because Promethean created this writing technology, they are continually putting out new updates so the writing experience will improve over time.

Promethean has developed classroom essential apps such as Whiteboard and Annotate which take full advantage of Vellum’s component which can be continuously upgraded. Promethean has purpose-built accessories such as the batteryless pen and erasers which are purposefully designed based on teacher feedback and work flawlessly with the panel’s glass and deliver high precision at a low cost.

The core technology in Vellum is based on Infrared to deliver highly accurate touch detection. Going beyond surface IR, Vellum delivers enhanced functionality and performance, allowing for an authentic, fluid, and nearly flawless writing experience. Because it feels like an authentic writing experience, teachers and students alike will be able to write with confidence.

Vellum is for schools and IT administrators, you can be assured that you are getting a high-quality writing experience all throughout the life of the ActivPanel Elements series screen. With Vellum, the ability to easily perform updates to Promethean apps, the Operating System, and firmware, which means the writing experience will constantly improve over time and enhance adoption by teachers and students.

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