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The revolutionary Sharp Big Pad range…


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In partnership with Elementary Technology, introduces a range of Sharp BIG PAD screens – all with the latest technology.

Sharp’s BIG PAD touchscreens range from 6-point multi-touch to 10-point multi-touch with fast responsive infrared, allow a range of users from 2 to 4 and have an easy to use interface.

From 60” monitors all the way up to 80” panel sizes, our interactive touchscreen support team can help organisations manage and create inspiring spaces, sharing information through Sharp’s touchscreens.

It can sometimes be a challenge to keep everyone focused and engaged. Sharp’s BIG PAD screens operate clearly in bright light with high visual quality so everyone can see contents wherever they are sitting. Models range from UV2A LCD technology to LED edge-lit screens.

Ideal for classrooms or boardrooms Sharp’s BIG PAD touchscreens create the best conditions for effective collaboration. They are designed to make meetings or learning in a class all about teamwork. Share ideas quickly and clearly – not only by writing on the boards with Sharp’s Pen Software but by using Touch Display Link software to interact through laptops and other mobile devices.

In summary, some key features of the BIG PAD range include:

  • Up to 10-point multi-touch;
  • Up to 4 users at any one time;
  • UV2A LCD technology to LED edge-lit screens;
  • Touch Display Link Software;
  • Sharp’s Pen Software;
  • MFP connection or BYOD wireless interconnectivity and more!

At the top of the BIG PAD range, the PN80TC3 also has the new Touch Viewer application for organizing collaboration data. In addition, the 80” screen has a seamless flat bezel for optimized multi-board configurations – link BIG PAD pro’s together to operate as a single collaboration surface.

What’s more, the BIG PAD PN-TB3 range start up quickly at the press of a button and meetings start without delay. Furthermore, the BIG PAD PN-70SC3 comes with extra advantages ideal for classroom environments:

  • Smooth, hard-wearing antiglare coating with scratch resistance;
  • Built-in stereo loudspeakers to fill larger rooms (2x10w)

Call our office to ask about Sharp’s video walls for immersive entertainment or use of Sharp technology for digital signage.

All interactive touchscreens purchased for schools from or our parent company Elementary Technology are available with ongoing training and support.

For more information on BIG PAD interactive touchscreens for engaging presentations call our office on 0844 3575197. Alternatively, fill out the form to book a Sharp screen demo.

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