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Six ways to make sure you don’t miss out


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Interactivity not what it used to be? Worried your students are missing out because of it?

Well, we’re here to lend a hand, to give you some ideas about your next steps to take, so your lessons don’t suffer in the meantime.

Consider Different Software

Sometimes the best first step is a simple one! One possibility is that you may currently be using SMART Notebook 11, a piece of software which is now 8 years out-of-date! By upgrading to SMART 19, you have access to SMART Activities which lets you create an activity and let the students carry out the activity on their devices. This is a very engaging way to keep your student’s attention focused on the lesson.

Alternatively, you can use Wordwall, it’s as simple as picking out a template, filling out your content and then printing the activities out. Upgrading your software to be more intuitive may be the answer and will cover the time whilst you wait to resolve the interactivity issue in your classroom.

If you’re looking into getting a new piece of software, get in touch with us for a free software trial on software like Wordwall here

Use Pupils’ Devices

It’s no longer the case where the students must come up to the screen. In the modern classroom, using the student’s devices is just as much an option. There is a range of apps; from a STEM/STEAM lesson about coding to reading and everything in between, all available for you to use on their devices.

Another option includes a piece of software called Learning by Questions which is a classroom app filled with curriculum-aligned Question Sets and immediate feedback all able to do on an iPad or compatible device!

If you’re looking into trying out Learning by Questions, get in touch with us to have a free software trial on it here

Non-Interactive Presentations

Another option for you is you can simply use non-interactive presentations like PowerPoint and instead of interacting with the screen, you can just simply use the mouse. Alternatively, by using SMART 19 you can add in YouTube videos which you can select from your desktop/laptop using the mouse.

Promethean ActivInspire is another option, ActivInspire is a collaborative lesson delivery software for interactive displays, but you can simply use it with just the mouse and run through a lesson that way.


From a low cost per unit (on certain models), a visualiser may be a perfect fit for you. This is a good option as you can still use the display. Some options of you using this is showing yourself manipulating an object underneath or showing letter formation for handwriting underneath the visualiser. It is a great way to include the whole class, and you don’t have to pass an object slowly around the class whilst you explain, you get to show it in real-time.

Another option for the older students is to show a live dissection underneath the visualiser, much simpler to do it with a teacher who is experienced in the dissection and not students who may not properly do it, additionally, you don’t have to worry about buying a full classroom’s worth of equipment.

We have a lot of Visualiser lesson ideas, and we’d be more than happy to come along to your classroom with a visualiser and help out – just fill out our contact form here.

Collaborative Kits

If you are looking for a way to get your pupils working together and in a more hands-on way, there are a range of collaborative kits available. From starter kits to ones which require knowledge already in place, you can get a STEM/STEAM kit which benefits the kinaesthetic learners. The pupils get to work in teams to create, code, build and learn while they have fun doing it.

This is becoming a more popular option in classrooms as teachers get to see the benefits of the kit being taught in a simple yet very effective way.

Classroom Healthcheck®

Finally, we’d love to come to help you. If your school is trying to put a plan together for the future of your technology, upgrades, how you will deal with the costs, where and how to prioritise, etc. we would love to provide you with a free Classroom Healthcheck® (worth £299) and show the impact of your current equipment on teaching and learning. This will help to prioritise and give you ideas for problem areas.

Interested in our Classroom Healthcheck®? We’d love to help you out – find out more information here

In the Meantime

If you haven’t already upgraded, a lot of schools are beginning to see the benefits of touchscreens and are upgrading. If you’re interested in touchscreens but you’re not too sure where to start, we suggest that you download our Touchscreen Guide here

If you would like any additional information or would like to speak to a technology specialist, please call us on 0843 886 4648 or alternatively, fill out our contact form here.

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