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Upgrade your school, and avoid capital spend.

Your first question will be: ‘That’s a great idea – why isn’t everyone doing it?’

Basically, Smart ClaaS allows you to upgrade all of your technology, spread the spend over multiple years, at a usually lower total cost compared to the purchase price. But that’s just the start of how this is revolutionising procurement for schools in your area.

We can talk you through the intricacies, but the following summarises how a typical school benefits:

  • You can upgrade all interactive display technology at a similar first-year cost to purchase just a few units
  • You’ll benefit from the latest Smart interactive touchscreens, software and teaching tools
  • You will have standardisation across the school – in teaching, learning, training, performance and opportunity
  • You can incorporate non-display technology, such as visualisers, Wi-Fi infrastructure or even playground equipment into this ongoing operating cost
  • You can refresh this technology, retaining your excellence, without any increase in ongoing cost
  • You can release capital from recently purchased equipment, and use the funds to offset initial payments

Several Multi-Academy Trusts and a growing number of LA schools are already taking advantage of this pioneering concept, and now is the time to join them.

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