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Why SMART Learning Suite is perfect for your classroom


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SMART Boards are already at the forefront of the education world and transform classrooms. But the addition of SMART Learning Suite can take your classroom that step further.

SMART Notebook

The premiere education software facilitates engaging and hands-on learning experiences. Write on the board to demonstrate your point to the class. This can even be done on a mobile app letting you circulate around the room whilst running the lesson on the SMART screen. Freedom and simplicity combine in Notebook.


Teachers can use this app to download customisable templates to create game-based activities in minutes. With high-quality imagery, sounds and compatible with a large range of devices lets you keep students engaged with the lesson for hours. Students will be engaged with the games on offer from teachers and standard games already made, education made fun for students.

SMART Response 2

This lets teachers find out about how students grasped the lesson they’ve just gone through, the teacher can create a set of questions in five minutes that students can answer on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and phones. It’s never been easier to understand who needs additional help and support.


Collaboration has never been easier. SMART Amp lets you share and work on lesson content. It lets you bring the whole class, groups of students or individuals together so they can work on a project together with ease. With the ability to add multimedia and instant message, students will love working together using this fantastic collaboration tool.

SMART Learning Suite is a perfect addition to your classroom.

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