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What is new technology worth without effective training to make the best use of it?

You can get total use of our Customer Experience Centre, based in Yorkshire, for training purposes! Whether it is to upskill your team, improve outcomes or just to find out how you can make the most of your technology, we have the perfect space for training with the latest technology available. We will happily help during the training process, or, you can use the room for training within your own team on the technology you’re used to.

Whether or not you are our customer, you can have full and total use of our Customer Experience Centre, contact us now to discuss training on SMART, Promethean, Clevertouch interactive touch panels from our accredited trainers. Training built around your experience, knowledge and objectives. This allows you to make sure your staff are going into lessons with the knowledge of how to use the touchscreen to its greatest potential.

In our Customer Experience Centre, we have a wide range of the latest interactive technology this includes; 3D printers, visualisers and more. 3D printers allow you to create visual models which will benefit kinaesthetic learners, all for a very cheap price per print. Visualilsers give you access to putting images up on screen which you can manipulate under the high-quality camera.

Speak to our training specialists today to discuss training opportunities; perfect for both Education and Business.

To get in contact with one of our EdTech Consultants, please click here or call us on 0843 886 4648

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