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Top ten things you need to know about Clevertouch Lynx


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It's important to know the ins and outs of the software that you use. So you make sure you're getting the absolute best use out of it.

So we have decided to bring together a list of 10 things you should know as a teacher to get the best out of your Clevertouch Lynx software.

Play online videos, ad-free

If you use videos in your lessons, yet are tired of losing the attention of your students when an ad plays, Lynx has your back. Lynx allows safe playing of YouTube files without the comments showing and without auto-playing another video when it’s finished. Annotate key features by the side of the video, allowing for teacher commentary in real-time.

Drag and drop directly from the internet

No need to come out of your presentation anymore. With Lynx, you just simply drag the required content from the left-hand side of the screen and drop it onto the page whilst remaining in your presentation.

Swap quickly and easily between background types

Need to quickly swap your background type when switching from an English lesson to a Maths lesson? No problem. Lynx has a quick-change background facility to enable you to move between background to suit the lesson.

Utilise the background colours to suit SEN Students

The background colour can be changed at any time to suit the theme of the lesson or to cater to particular students requirements. Some teachers have said soft background colours have worked very well with their dyslexic students.

Focus your lessons

Try using the spotlight tool. The spotlight works as it sounds: the presentation is covered up except for one area still free by the moveable spotlight. Use this to focus attention in easily.

Raising the blinds

Only show what you want to show with the blinds tool. Make sure the students are reading the same line of a poem as you, reveal a question at a time when recapping the lesson. You can use it in transparent mode as a physical overlay – useful for visually impaired students in your class.

Utilise existing content

No need to start over again with your resources with Lynx. Use existing files (you can easily convert Notebook files, PowerPoints, etc.) to avoid having to “reinvent the wheel”. So if you’re worried certain files won’t convert, you can easily talk with the Clevertouch team for support.

Take advantage of the quick link function

No longer do you need to wade through levels to select the document you need. If you have regularly used content in folders, you can take advantage of the quick link function.

Record assessments or lessons

The record the lesson function or pupil interaction is ideal for assessment. Use the screen recorder to record reading or speaking assessments or even use it to record an entire lesson for student revision purposes.

Quick Maths

Difficult to grasp concepts, such as fractions, are made easier with the on-screen division of shapes. Tools such as a protractor and compass ensure there are no sharp instruments and are perfect for maths or Design Technology. Additionally, several students can be working on Maths problems on the same screen.

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