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The New SMART iQ 3.0!


Software updates

Completely customise your home screen. Search and add apps. Screen share multiple devices. The new iQ 3.0 software will make the SMART Board, your SMART Board.

With a completely updated look and feel, SMART is also continually improving and expanding the things that you already love about your current iQ Software.

Here’s a quick insight on what you’ll enjoy with the iQ 3.0:

  • New home screen with customisable wallpapers, time/date, quick access command bar and icons, recently viewed and favourites
  • Apps library now has a search!
  • Screen share from multiple devices as well as controlling the video playback straight from the SMART Board
  • Updates for your SMART Board and iQ software are now available over-the-air
  • Single File Library to access and export all of your saved content
  • Class Panel in Notebook Player to send content, activities and assessments to student devices

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