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Why you should upgrade your interactive whiteboard


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The majority of classrooms in the UK use an interactive whiteboard with a projector system. This has been the standard choice for schools for over a decade since vast funding was allocated to updating our nation’s classroom display technology.

Ongoing use of an interactive whiteboard leaves a classroom vulnerable to poor performance though, particularly when considering the more maintenance-heavy projector as part of the system.

Their use can lead to a number of difficulties for a school:

  • an interactive whiteboard may need calibrating prior to a lesson
  • classroom interactive whiteboards are often a different resolution to the laptop feeding into them, leading either to a cropped or a squashed visual
  • A projector in a classroom will require ongoing lamp replacements, which increases costs for a school and can lead to disruption for a teacher in a classroom full of pupils eager to learn
  • Projector lamps dim over time, meaning the visual projected onto the interactive whiteboard is washed out and faded. It means teaching standards in a school are being affected.

Use of a touchscreen in a classroom though avoids these issues, and others, and also bring in advantages of reduced energy costs, screen brightness and pupil engagement.

The best place to start with an upgrade is to ask us for a Classroom Healthcheck. Click here to visit our parent site, Elementary Technology, and we’ll help you start your journey to improved teaching and learning.

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