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How to use a Samsung Flip in a Classroom


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You have a Samsung Flip... how can you use it in your classroom?

The Samsung Flip has a range of amazing educational features!

With Smooth Touch the Samsung Flip allows you to draw diagrams, write notes and inspire your students with a digital display they can use – one that feels as familiar as writing on paper with a pen. Simply walk up and the intuitive screen feels like normal writing and allows you to feel comfortable whilst interacting with the screen.

The Pivot Flexibility ensures that you can use this screen regardless of the space that you have available to use. The moveable stand and the choice of vertical/horizontal screen orientation enables you to maximise any space. Do you have a smaller room? Simply put it into a vertical position and get full use of the screen. Have a larger room where the students are a bit more spread out – horizontal mode allows you to maximise the space and give a fair view to everyone in the room.

Group projects and remote learning are made easy with Versatile Connectivity. Connect mobile devices, laptops, USB sticks, external screens via HDMI and the internet. This allows you to work in a way that is most convenient to you and your students, everyone gets to collaborate, everyone gets to share their ideas.

The Samsung Flip has fantastic portability, a 55″ 4K screen on a stand with wheels allows you to move it wherever it needs to be – classroom to classroom, you can move it dependent on your needs. No more worrying about moving rooms to get the use of the technology… the technology comes to you instead.

Recap lessons or do a plenary session to consolidate the knowledge taken from the current lesson as the notes and drawings you made are easily stored and able to be brought back on screen – allowing you to quickly go between pages and screens enabling the children to recall the information and remember it long term.

Created something which needs to be seen again in future lessons? Is a student ill? Or even preparing a session for a substitute teacher to use? Not a problem! Anything produced on the Samsung Flip can be shared from the Flip itself using the built-in email or it can be saved to a USB stick, allowing the lesson to be brought up and seen again in the future with no issues.

We hope this has helped in showing the advantages that the Samsung Flip can bring to your classroom – For more information on the Samsung Flip, or to download the specification sheet, please click here to go to the product page.

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