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The ViewSonic ViewBoard – A Great Choice for Boosting Teaching and Learning


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ViewSonic’s ViewBoard range of touchscreen classroom displays are a fantastic option for bringing all of the benefits of education technology to your students. 

So, what can the ViewSonic Viewboard do to boost teaching and learning within your classroom? 

One of the ViewBoard’s most important features for education is its Whiteboard app, as this does so much more than a traditional whiteboard. Here, you can create game-based educational activities which, as demonstrated by pedagogical research, provide big improvements in student engagement and information retention. 

The ViewBoard also supports multiple users writing and drawing on screen at any one time and live content sharing from the whole class. This is great for adding a level of collaboration to your lessons and helping students to work together and learn from one another. 

You can also cast your own or students’ smart devices to the screen, which adds another tool for creative lesson planning and improved engagement. 

On top of all of these great software features, it’s good to know that the ViewBoard boasts strong hardware specs, meaning that you will always get top performance from the screen and the onboard PC. 

The screen boasts a 4K resolution, which is four-times the resolution of a full-HD screen, meaning that images and video will always be crystal clear for your students. Importantly, it also has Flicker-Free technology and a blue light filter. These features help to reduce eye-strain during extended viewing periods and means that the screen is not only high resolution, but a great option to protect the health and safety of students and teachers. 

The onboard PC utilises a quad-core processor and a smooth Android operating system to provide premium level performance without any issues such as poor touch responsiveness or slow loading. On top of this, the 16GB memory provides ample space for storing all of your lessons and learning resources. is managed by leading technology supplier into schools, Elementary Technology, a leading supplier of ViewSonic technology into education.

As a company with the integrity to represent their brand and that embodies their values of premium service and educational performance. An example of this is our ViewSonic Get Set Go training programme we have launched that is provided with a screen purchase or can be purchased separately if you already have all of the ViewBoards that you need.

This premium training resource is CPD Certified and is delivered by Frazer, who is an ex-teacher, so understands the needs that educators have when using education technology.

The ViewSonic Viewboard is available at 55”, 65”, 75”, 86” and even 98”. View the full ViewSonic range.

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