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What’s new with the Promethean ActivConnect box update?


Software updates

The Promethean G-Series ActivConnect box had an update which may have gone under the radar for some people. The update brings some new features which will improve how you use your Promethean screen.

We are going to go through some of the updates which will give you the best experience and let you get the most out of your Promethean screen.

Added back button on the tool wheel

A simple but exceptionally useful addition, the update brought a new back button on the tool wheel. On an application and want to take a step back without going straight to the home screen? The back button will make this possible. Very quick and very easy to navigate to previous pages, with one simple tap in a very accessible location.

Smaller on-screen keyboard

The old keyboard would take up the entirety of the bottom third of the screen, meaning you had to stretch across from side to side on the screen, easy enough on a smaller tablet, but on screens 70″ and above, it can be a hassle. However, with the new on-screen keyboard, it is much smaller and can be dragged around so you can take it up to the address bar, or down to a box on a website. It’s much easier to type, letting you navigate through pages, much quicker than before.

New additions to ActivCast

ActivCast is a very useful tool, you can use apps which are not available through the Promethean App Store, this meant that everything was very accessible and you could easily go through apps, either through Promethean apps or through your Apple or Android device. However, the new update allows you to cast two screens at once, this means you can have two different apps open for comparison, one app open twice for competition between pupils, or anything which you may need to show on two devices, is easily achieved through this new Activcast update.

For more information watch the video on this page!

For information on how to update your ActivConnect box click here, or how to start casting from iOS click here or, finally, to see how to cast from an Android device, click here.

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