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What’s new with the Clevertouch Pro Capacitive Touch?


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Clevertouch have recently released a new screen using different touch technology, they have moved from classic infrared touch technology to capacitive touch technology.

But what’s actually changed, and why is it a step forward for touchscreens?

Capacitive touch makes for a more fluid writing experience, rather than relying on the infrared touchpoints recognising where the pen is, you can use the electromagnetic pens or just your finger and the screen will detect where you are writing rather than the infrared in the bezel.

Because the bezel is where the infrared lasers are, with capacitive touch, you no longer have the bezel which reduces weight and makes the design sleeker.

Capacitive touch technology is used on devices everyone is used to: the smartphone. Your smartphone uses capacitive touch which makes it run smoother. Additionally, because it is what we are used to using on a daily basis, the touchscreen feels exactly like you have a smartphone hanging on the wall in your classroom.

With the change in technology, has the collaboration aspect been reduced? Not in the slightest! With 20 touchpoints, you can be happy in the knowledge that you can have several students come up to the board and collaborate together on a project.

Along with the changes which have been made, there is the familiarity in the software which has been providing excellent teaching and collaboration tools which has transformed classrooms and engaged students in lessons.

For more information on the differences between capacitive touch and infrared touch click here

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