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Why you should work with a SMART Platinum Partner


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Our parent company Elementary Technology are now recognised as an official SMART Platinum Partner and a SMART Software Solutions Partner.

The most important part of this is how it improves the service which we deliver to our customers.

This happens in the following ways:

  • When they’re advising on the use of SMART in your school, SMART has verified that you’re in good hands; Elementary Technology know what they’re talking about, they’re experienced, and they provide accurate, detailed advice
  • Our colleagues work closely with SMART to ensure they provide the correct advice and also outstanding SMART-specific, curriculum-based training to all customers
  • Alongside their status as a SMART Platinum Partner, Elementary Technology understand SMART hardware, and how software is best used on this hardware in the classroom
  • They have a direct relationship with the SMART Software team – they can fast track technical assistance and enquiries, and also feedback development ideas from those at the sharp-end of teaching and learning

As well as this recognition by SMART, Elementary Technology use the SMART Boards in the Customer Experience Centre on a daily basis – they know Smart Learning Suite software like the back of their hands.

If you’re considering upgrading to the latest SMART classroom displays, your school isn’t just investing in new technology. You’re investing in your teaching and learning, the attainment of your pupils and the performance of your school.

So don’t cut corners! Ensure you work with a trusted, knowledgeable, supportive SMART Platinum Partner.

For trouble-shooting, a quotation, a demonstration, advice, training or anything else SMART-related, please do not hesitate to contact Elementary Technology’s team of SMART Platinum Partners.

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