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Upgrading SMARTBoards whilst managing costs – Sharlston Community School

Sharlston Community School upgraded all their classrooms with the latest SMART interactive panels using a Technology Lease.

They knew they needed an upgrade, yet also needed to manage costs, ensure they received the best value and improved learning outcomes.

In partnership with their ICT Support company, Elementary Technology worked with Sharlston Community School on a whole-school interactive technology upgrade. In doing so, they avoided capital spend by using our Technology Lease service, whilst ensuring equality of access for all teachers and pupils.

The headteacher commented; “The technology lease meant all the classes, all the children, were having access to the latest technology, and more importantly, the teachers were given the equipment they need to teach really dynamic, engaging lessons to our children.”

The children learn in a more effective manner because they have access to the latest technology and the latest teaching tools, supported by our SMART Platinum Partner training. The result is a class that learns effectively, and crucially also enjoys their time in lessons.

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