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Upgrading touchscreens on an operating lease

This large primary school in Leeds procured 17 x SMART Board 6000 Series interactive touchscreens using a public-sector approved operating lease; this allowed all their teachers and learners to have equal access to up-to-date technology, whilst avoiding capital spend.

SMART Board interactive whiteboard and projector technology was used in all classrooms in this primary school up until 2016. The same applied to 95% of classrooms in the UK up until around 2012 when the classroom interactive touchscreen began to be introduced.

There was a long list of challenges in the school classrooms with their ageing SMART Board interactive whiteboards with their accompanying projectors. The pupils in the classrooms found it challenging to see what was being taught and with poor interactivity on the interactive whiteboards, the teachers struggled to create engaging content that actually worked in a teaching environment, without being disrupted through poor performance.

It’s for these reasons, as well as maintenance costs and energy consumption of the classroom display technology, which led the school to upgrade their interactive whiteboards to SMART Board interactive touchscreen technology. They did so on an operating lease which enabled them to upgrade more of their classrooms, more quickly, at a similar annual spend compared to upgrading in stages. See how Technology Leasing works for schools.

About the operating lease system, the headteacher at the school commented;

“We knew we didn’t want to be in a ‘them and us’ situation where some have the new technology and others don’t. That was a recipe for problems as I saw it. Technology leasing was the only way we could avoid this – we simply didn’t have the funds to purchase it all as a one-off. Once we saw it was approved by the DfE and so on, it was pretty much the only option.”

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