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BenQ EZWrite 4.0

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Key Features

  • Intelligent handwriting
  • Multitouch interactivity
  • Video recording capabilities

Ideal For

  • Education
  • Public Sector
  • Corporate

Software Description

EZWrite 4.0 instantly turns the interactive flat panel into a full-size whiteboard for illustrating ideas, recording notes, brainstorming and more. More than just taking notes, EZWrite 4.0 also comes with all sorts of tools that can encourage cooperation and participation. Accessible for teachers and students.

Intelligent handwriting – The EZWrite 4.0’s handwriting recognition feature allows presenters to simultaneously convert written text, numbers, forms, and drawings into legible materials without having to switch modes while effectively facilitating smooth teaching flow.

Tap and Create – Simply tap the app to begin creating colourful notes in class with various coloured pencils, highlighters, backgrounds and palm erasers. It’s super easy and fun to use.

MS Office Compatibility – EZWrite 4.0 is compatible with Adobe PDF and other MS Office software, which can make class preparation and loading teaching material more efficient.

Video Recording – The BenQ EZWrite comes with a video recording feature that allows teachers to record lectures for class preparation or review purposes.

Multi-touch Interactivity – Multi-touch support makes EZWrite perfect for group activities and classroom games that motivate collaboration and communication.

Data-to-Go – Save annotations as .pdf or .png files and share them as review materials through e-mails, QR code, USB drive or IFP’s internal memory. You can also print them out from any printer on the same network, diversifying your data sharing options.

Floating Toolbar – EZWrite 4.0’s floating toolbar is compatible with any input source and Android™ applications. The floating on-screen menu lets you immediately access a range of functions, including recording, print screen, screen capture, eraser, pen and whiteboard. Users can change pen colours, take screenshots and accomplish so much more to enhance class interaction whenever they need it.

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