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Promethean Classflow

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Key Features

  • Create dynamic lessons
  • Access Classflow marketplace
  • Classflow parent app
  • Instant quizzes

Ideal For

  • Education
  • Public Sector
  • Corporate


Teachers only ever need to learn one interactive delivery software that will work in any classroom technology environment. 

Engage your students with instant polls and quizzes – utilise the broad range of student devices and question types to immerse students in lesson content.

Get parents involved!

There is also the added benefit of parental engagement being promoted and therefore more likely to be followed through by parents. Using the free Classflow Moments app parents can easily get involved proactively with student learning.

Digital rewards

Recognise outstanding student behaviour, this will let you reward those students with Classflow’s digital badges which is positive reinforcement, leading to continued good behaviour.

Discover millions of interactive resources – you can find interactive lessons, resources, and activities from educators around the world.

In the meantime, have a browse of some of our Success Stories.

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