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SMART Learning Suite

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Key Features

  • Used by millions of teachers worldwide
  • Developed with teachers for teachers
  • Thousands of free lesson resources

Ideal For

  • Education
  • Public Sector
  • Corporate

Software Description

SMART Learning Suite is a software package that will transform the teaching and learning experience. Keep students engaged and make setting up lessons easier than ever.

SMART Notebook

The world’s premier education software, SMART Notebook® facilitates engaging and hands-on learning experiences. You can even install Notebook on your home computer and send lessons directly to your classroom’s SMART Board. See more information on SMART Notebook.

Lesson Creation and Delivery

Quickly and easily turn your PDF and PowerPoint files, as well as Google Slides, Docs and Sheets into interactive lessons. Use iQ to send lessons to a SMART Board and share lessons to student devices or with other teachers.

Game-based activities

Keep your students engaged by using compelling graphics, animations and sounds whether on a SMART Board or on their devices. Use existing question sets and add a theme or make a new game in under 5 minutes using the activity creation wizard. Many options for the type of activity: multiple choice races, sorting exercises, fill in the blanks and many more.

Formative assessments

Easily guide instruction based on real-time insights into your student’s comprehension. In just a few minutes you can create a formative assessment and have students answer on any device and get instant reports on student understanding without breaking the flow of the lesson.

Collaborative workspaces

You can instantly convert any lesson page into a collaborative workspace in SMART Learning Suite Online. Students collaborate inside or outside the classroom by simultaneously adding content from their devices straight into the workspace. Facilitate whole-class or small-group teamwork by guiding the student contribution either at a SMART Board or from a device.

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