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Avocor F6550 Interactive Touchscreen


£5,338.80 (inc. VAT)

Product Option: 65"

Key Features

  • Ultra-Fast 20-Point Touch
  • 2mm Optically Bonded Glass
  • Optimised for Windows 10
  • Latest Intel OPS Slot
  • Wireless Screen Sharing

Ideal For

  • Education
  • Public Sector
  • Corporate

Product Description

At 65″ the Avocor F6550 represents the smallest size in the F50 range and is perfect for use in a huddle space and classroom. Experience the very latest touchscreen technology that delivers a high-quality writing experience to truly enhance small group collaboration

Ultra-Fast 20-Point Touch

Using the latest generation InGlass™ touch technology you can rest assured that the F50 series will deliver a highly superior writing experience that is both incredibly quick and highly accurate. The display will respond to up to 4 passive pens or up to 20 touchpoints.

2mm Optically Bonded Glass

Built with cutting-edge, protective glass with no parallax gap between the glass and display, this provides users with a pixel-perfect touch experience. Enjoy the latest in 4K LCD technology that contributes to a lighter, thinner display which is highly energy efficient.

Latest Intel OPS Slot

The OPS slot supports HDMI 2.0 allowing for 4K content to be run at 60Hz, while the Intel OPS allows for a module PC to be added easily to the display without cables.

Inductive Keypad for Control

Designed with ease of use in mind, the Advanced Connect and Control bar features back-lit inductive keypads that complement the sleek design of the F50 series.

Wireless Screen Sharing

The control bar also features a Wireless screen sharing button, enabling users to switch seamlessly to the dedicated HDMI input for third-party devices.

Pen Aware Functionality

The fine-tip pen delivers extremely accurate writing and annotations on the display, while object recognition means that the display can easily distinguish between pen, finger and palm. Delivering a smooth, intuitive touch experience.

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