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Mimio Interactive Touchscreen

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Product Option: 84"

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Key Features

  • Ultra HD (4K) Resolution
  • Infrared touch technology
  • Up to 10 touch points
  • Full solution includes Mimio software

Ideal For

  • Education
  • Public Sector
  • Corporate

Product Description

Deliver great instruction and engage your students in a more collaborative learning experience with this remarkable visual display. Multiple students can work together on the large LED touchscreen display at the front of the room. And this high-definition display can replace a separate interactive whiteboard, projector, and speakers – freeing up valuable classroom space.

Students will be wowed by the vibrant MimioDisplay™ touch display at the front of the room. Whether you choose the 55”, 65”, 70” or 84” model, you’ll get all the features of a touch-driven interactive whiteboard with the simplicity and elegance of a state-of-the-art high-definition (HD) display.

the software

Mimiostudio Classroom software

With NEW MimioStudio™ classroom software, teachers have greater flexibility and more options for providing effective learning. The software includes the powerful Collaborate feature, which allows students to work interactively in small groups using the new MimioPad™ wireless pen tablets and mobile devices equipped with the MimioMobile™ application.

  • Integrates all MimioClassroom products with one easy-to-use software package.
  • Up to 50 students can work interactively on the same activity
  • MimioMobile license allows the use of Apple and Android devices for formative assessment and for student collaboration on the classroom display.
  • Teachers can create assessments with multiple-choice, true/false, short-answer, short-essay, and numeric student responses.
  • Includes MimioStudio Gradebook, which automatically records multiple-choice, numeric, and short-answer responses to assessment questions, and eliminates the need for teachers to hand-grade tests.
  • Opens files natively from SMART, Promethean, PowerPoint, Common File Format (IWB), and video, so teachers can use content they already have.
  • ActivityWizard offers a built-in knowledge engine to help teachers generate educationally sound and engaging teaching activities in minutes.

See how Mimio Touchscreens helped England Lane Primary Academy in this success story!

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