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Promethean ActivPanel V6 86″ Interactive Flat Panel


£5,600.40 (inc. VAT)

Product Option: 86"

Key Features

  • Promethean Platinum Partner
  • Ultra HD (4K) Resolution
  • Upgradable Android PC
  • InGlass touch technology
  • Up to 20 touch points

Ideal For

  • Education
  • Public Sector
  • Corporate

Product Description

The intelligently-designed Activpanel gives you ease of use. A very intuitive, tablet-like interface which allows you to focus on teaching rather than the technology.

The 4K Ultra HD imagery gives you beautiful visuals which will captivate your students, they’ll give their full attention to your lesson. Lessons will run smoother. The front facing speakers give you incredible sound quality for video, letting the kids enjoy the video/app which is currently on screen.

The InGlass technology enables you to access the industry’s most elegant writing solution, with no script lag or response delays. This lets you not have to worry about slowing down the lesson for the screen to catch up to you, it’s like writing on a whiteboard.

With 20 touch points, 2 students can use 2 hands to interact with the screen, or 4 students can use 1 hand to interact, allowing educational games to be a competition between your students. Education is at the forefront, whilst the children are having fun.

The Software

Classflow Software gives you an interactive delivery software that will work in any classroom technology environment. With a broad range of student devices that you can utilise in conjunction with the lesson, students will be immersed with the lesson content. For more information on Classflow, click here.

ActivInspire Software gives you an assortment of tools, images and activities to bring lessons to life in the modern-day classroom. It gives you easy interface options for younger and older students (primary and studio). For more information on ActivInspire, click here.

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