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SMART Board 6286S Pro Interactive Touchscreen


£6,690.00 (inc. VAT)

Product Option: 86"

Key Features

  • Up to 20 Touchpoints
  • Unbound Workspaces
  • Annotate Over Any Screen
  • Share Any Device, with Any OS
  • 4K (UHD) Resolution

Ideal For

  • Education
  • Public Sector
  • Corporate

Product Description

Come Together

As a business, one of the most important times to achieve the most is when you are collaborating in a critical meeting. These meetings are at their most productive when all of your colleagues are able to attend. Have your out-of-office staff attend remotely with those attending from within the meeting room, bringing everyone together to bring your meeting to life. The SMART Board 6286S Pro shortens the length of your meetings as everyone can efficiently offer new perspectives and insights which aid in solving problems and catalysing change.

Everything Just One Touch Away

SMART Board displays with iQ allow you, as a presenter, to switch between any of your content with a tap. Whether showing a video, going through a presentation of quarterly results, or even just surfing the internet. Whatever it is that you need to show, the SMART Board 6286S Pro makes it simple.

SMART Collaboration Software

Plan. Collaborate. Recap.

SMART TeamWorks brings the ultimate end-to-end collaborative experience platform directly to your team. You get to enjoy the flexibility of using any device on any conferencing platform, you don’t need to buy all new equipment, as it integrates with whatever you already have.

Unbound Workspaces

SMART Meeting Pro workspaces ensures that you get to take advantage of unbound and virtually unlimited workspaces. Workspaces expand with the more files, links and notes that you add to it, even when done over multiple displays and multiple meetings.


Unique to SMART Board Displays, SMART Ink software allows you, as the presenter, or any of your colleagues to write and annotate over virtually anything. From videos to websites, PDFs, and Microsoft Office files, and then you’re able to save them right in the file. In addition, thanks to the Simultaneous Tool Differentiation, your colleagues are able to write, erase and move notes all at the same time.


Writing on the SMART Board 6286S Pro Interactive touchscreen is as easy and natural feeling as writing on paper. Teams are able to annotate and transform all sorts of documents and digital content in brand new, imaginative, and creative ways.

  • Pen ID allows anyone who is interacting with the screen to write in two different colours at the same time, meaning that everyone knows what was contributed by which team
  • A smooth writing experience is encapsulated by the SMART 6286S Pro Interactive Touchscreen – it gives a writing experience which looks and feels natural, without the jagged lines
  • Capture SMART Board screens, change the colour of your ink, convert writing into text, use presentation tools, and much more, all on the fly


The SMART Board 6286S Pro Interactive Touchscreen connects everyone and everything. Teams are given a chance to share their own unique perspectives and allow you to bring remote colleagues in from anywhere in the world for a more collaborative meeting.

  • Share any device, whether it be Android, Apple, or Windows, straight onto the board
  • No wires to plug in when sharing, no apps to install, and no extra hardware to buy. It arrives ready for your first meeting out of the box.
  • Redesigned to make sharing, presentation and contribution incredibly easy for busy people
  • 4K (Ultra HD) resolution which ensures that all of your presentations look sharp.

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