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SMART Board 7275 Interactive Display


£5,214.00 (inc. VAT)

Product Option: 75" 4K (UHD)

Key Features

  • We are a SMART Platinum Partner
  • Object Awareness
  • Instant access to whiteboard and browser
  • Warms up when movement is detected
  • SMART Learning Suite

Ideal For

  • Education
  • Public Sector
  • Corporate

Product description

The SMART Board 7000 series is the digital heart of the interactive classroom. It is incredibly engaging with students and you can collaborate fantastically by taking advantage of the 16 touchpoints. Students stay focused. Teachers save precious time.

SMART Boards come with object awareness which recognises that fingers select and drag, pens write and your fist/palm erase. You already know how to use it.


Workspaces let students add videos, images and links from anywhere on any device.


SMART lab game-based activities making practising new skills all fun and games. They also allow teachers to identify which students are thriving and who needs extra attention.

16 touchpoints

More simultaneous interaction points allow more students to collaborate at the board. With up to four pens, ten fingers and two erasers doing different things at the same time, everyone can contribute.

Convenience panel

The convenience panel has power, volume, freeze frame, USB and HDMI 2.0 inputs where they are easy to reach.


Teachers can see four different answers written at the same time with Pen ID and SMART ink allows you write all over websites, videos, PDFs and Microsoft Office files and save your notes in almost any file type making for an easy-to-use experience.

Hands-on learning

Only available on SMART Boards, Simultaneous Tool Differentiation frees students to work together on a group project or complete separate tasks at the same time.

Build Quality

Accelerated Life Testing to ensure less downtime and longer life.

SMART Boards have earned an ENERGY STAR certification for energy-efficient design

Commercial-grade SMART Boards are rated for 50,000 hours and provide years of dependable use.

Fully-heat tempered glass is not only the safest option, but it can also stand up to the roughest classroom use.

The Software

SMART Learning Suite is the world-leading software for education. With a 150-strong dedicated development team, over 3 million educators use it to turn lessons into enriching learning experiences.

It combines powerful lesson delivery, time-saving Assessment tools, game-based Activities and lots more into one ultimate education suite.

SMART Learning Suite Online allows teachers to open SMART Notebook lessons anywhere, and share them to any student device. It’s a whole new way to spark active learning.

Click here to learn more about SMART Learning Suite.

Ask us about our no-obligation free trial licences, supported by a SMART-accredited training session.

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